What is the cause of bleeding during pregnancy – Healthysi.com


What is the cause of bleeding during pregnancy – Healthysi.com

During pregnancy, there is often vaginal bleeding in the first trimester. This is a normal bleeding and does not cause any kind of trouble. But if there is bleeding in the second or third quarter of pregnancy, then there is a possibility of serious problem. Be aware that there may be many reasons for bleeding. Bleeding is usually caused by any type of infection, changes in hormones from stress and physical relationship with the wrong.

  • Results of bleeding in the first half of pregnancy


Bleeding is a sign of miscarriage, but that does not mean that the Misses is fixed. Research showed that 20 to 30 percent of women have bleeding complaints in the early days of pregnancy. Despite the bleeding with 50 percent of these women, there is no miscarriage. Even better, you should take precaution and be careful.

  • Results of bleeding in the Second half of pregnancy

Placental Abption:

Vaginal bleeding is also caused due to separation of placenta from the eutrinic wall during or during labor. Only one percent of women get this to see. Usually this happens in the last 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Pretram Labor:

Vaginal bleeding can also be a sign of labor. The mucus plug exits a few weeks before labor starts. It is a bit of mucus and blood on the ground. If this is enough, understand that you are entering Pretreme Labor. So, you should consult physicians soon.

Bleeding may or may not cause damage. If you are battling bleeding and If you feel any other symptoms during bleeding, consult the doctor immediately.



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