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Schizophrenia                       Causes & Types                              Symptoms                                 Treatments


1. Schizophrenia is a brain-related problem in which the brain becomes weak.brain

2. This is a very common disease in Indian and American people

3. This affected almost one percent of the population?

4. It was previously called Dementia praecox.

5. This disease can happen to people of any age at any time.

6. The majority of patients in schizophrenia are from 20 to 24 years.moods

7. This disease occurs when the baby is in the womb at the time that Neuron was disturbed.

8. Expression of our emotions arises from the activity of some chemicals in the brain.

9. These chemicals are called neuron transmitters. Whenever the balance of neuron transmitters enters, the brain has difficulty in expressing emotions and making decisions.

10. In most of the people, the symptoms of this disease are hidden till puberty and this symptom appears only when it comes to this condition.

11. The person suffering from this disease lives far away from the real world and begins to think himself different from people and events.

12. The voices also hear the patient and they accept these sounds as correct.

13. Such people are not able to think properly because many things in their mind keep coming together.ghij

14.Their sensations and expressions are almost zero,Such people do not get to see the feeling of sadness, that is, They cannot experience happiness and sorrow like the common people, For example, they do not have to mourn for anybody’s death nor feel the joy on any happy occasion.

15. A schizophrenia patient is as fierce as a normal person.

In other words, emotions get out of control and the person’s nature seems to change. She likes loneliness and starts losing interest on small things.Not only this, he does not get a problem of not just sleeping, but is also not interested in routine work. Society seems to be cutting even.

Schizophrenia                       Causes & Types                              Symptoms                                 Treatments



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