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Lyme disease

  •   Lyme disease is an infectious disease caused by Chronicotase with an old or intense course.borreliosis
  •     Infections caused by Lyme disease bacteria are called Haborelia bergadopharye.
  •     This is transmitted by the Tectus and damages the heart, joints, nervous system and skin.
  •    Lyme disease can develop completely at any age, but usually occurs between adults between twenty five and forty-five years and in children under the age of fifteen years.
  •     The disease was first described in the American city of Lime, when the entire group of patients was diagnosed with arthritis, which was done in an unusual way.

  •   Lyme disease is the most common in the Northeast and more than 90% cases have been reported in tickbitesnine. states in Midwestern United States Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Wisconsin.
  •    Even within the states, high risk areas and others have very low rates of disease, this difference is related to the fact that where bacteria survive, they come in contact with race and humans.
  •   The infection of the person with Lyme disease occurs as a result of bite with an infected tick.
  •    With the tick of the ticks, the pathogens fall into the skin, where they grow fast for many days.
  • After which they spread to the internal organs (joints, brain, heart) and other skin areas.

  • Long-term (possibly in years) pathogens persist in the human body, causing recurring and / or chronic course of the disease.watch
  •  After a few years from the time of infection, it is possible to develop the old form of the disease.

Almost the only reason Lyme disease is a tick, the carrier of serochetis borealis burgadurphi is not infectious, the immune protection is very unstable after lymphatic, so a few years later, there may be an infection again. The main risk factor of this disease lies in the main dwelling place of Ticks from May to September.



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