What is good health – healthysi.com

What is good health – healthysi.com

Every human being feels completely healthy and healthy, unless he suddenly takes any disease. When he is sick, he realizes that he was living in what illusion. It is difficult to find out by seeing a normal person whether he is actually completely healthy or not. Some people try to show themselves to fit, but in reality, this does not happen.

There are some special criteria for good health. Today we are telling you about these parameters. Depending on how well you meet these criteria, you can think about your own health:

  •  A healthy person is prone to hunger in the morning and evening. She gets her entire diet according to age. If not, then understand that you are not healthy.
  •  A healthy person has adequate strength to endure heat and cold.
  • Deep sleep is considered a sign of good health. Some people get deep sleep when they sleep on the bed. This is a good sign, but if not, then you should understand that there is something wrong with your health.
  • After sleeping overnight, a healthy person experiences a lot of freshness and energy in the morning. If a person feels tired even after sleeping then he should seek the doctor’s advice.
  • A healthy person does not feel excessive fatigue when doing physical labor. After normal fatigue, it gets rejuvenated.
  • The healthy man has open defecation every morning without any effort. This is also a sign of good health.

If you are not satisfied with these criteria for identifying a healthy person, then you should seek advice from a physician.




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