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Crohn’s Disease                Causes                      Symptoms                   Types                     Treatments

What is Crohn’s Disease?crohn

Crohn’s Disease is a condition in which the swelling develops in the digestive tract (also known as gastric tract or intestine). Inflammation can affect any part of the digestive system, from the mouth to the final, but in general it is in the final part of the small intestine (ileum) or the large intestine (colon).

This condition occurs when the immune system of your body accidentally attacks and destroys the body’s healthy tissue (autoimmune disorder).

Normally the symptoms are healing in a few days or weeks. Since this is a long term disease. The identification of this condition occurs after repeated periods of symptoms after a period of improvement.

Causes of Crohn Disease

The exact cause of Crohn’s disease is unknown. The main cause of this disease is to reduce the body’s immune causes of crohnsystem. Due to shortage of disease resistance, a virus or bacteria can affect it by reaching the intestines, which can cause swelling in the intestines and may lead to the disease. Apart from this, it also happens for genetic reasons.

The possibility of this happening increases if any other member in the family is suffering from this disease. family is suffering from this disease.

  • Genetic
  • The immune system relates.
  • Smoking
  • No old transition From environmental causes (viruses, bacteria, diet, smoking, and stress).

Symptoms of Crohn Disease

1. Diarrhea

Diarrhea is the first disease in the disease of the disease, if one day my 10 to 20 fence is gone, or you have a crow, sometimes – there is a blood with Kabi da.

2. FeverCrohn symptoms

To be a fast or a fever, to be a part of the body, to do good work, and to suffer from antioxidants, it all cures the disease of crohn.

3. Weight loss

Not to become appetite, the weight of the head will not work or be shy of the body.

Perinatal disease: The anal area of ​​the head is to be dirty, it should not be Twitch, eyes and joint pain

Types of Crohn Disease

1. Illococytosis

Illoclawitis, which is a disease of chronic disease, is a promoter of peak anterior (ileum) and large infinity (colon). Having a thickness (diarrhea), working on weight, having a lot of love for me, being in the middle of the heart and the lower hedgehog is my face.

2. Elytistypes of crohn

Elitis is the only bodied intestine (ileum) that is promoted, it is the summation of the Ik Lakhan Illocollis but the iletis mushir mi blisters also happens.

3. Gastroododenal Chronic Disease

Gastrododenal Kroon’s disease promoted the upper body of the pet and peak intestine (ileum). Do not feel hungry, weights work and masses are vomiting.

4. Jejonoollitis

Mesoamerity is the disease of jejunoitis, peak infinity. After the banquet, I am the face of Ethan, fever, or dast.

5. Cronus (Granulomatous Colitis)

These chronically stimulates the infinity (colon). Twitch or mouth mites, zodo, blood stained with diarrhea, and anal islamic wounds or pani aana iska mouth lakhan.

Home treatments for Crohn Disease

1. Marshmallow

Due to the mucilage content in marshmallow, it has a soothing effect on the gastrointestinal tract and is very effective in the treatment of Crohn’s disease.Marshmallow heals the inflamed lesions in the gastrointestinal tract, removes irritants and reduces inflammation.

2. Green Tea

Green tea has many health-promoting benefits for Crohn’s disease due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties. Plus, green tea has a positive impact on the immune system, and even reduces the risk of colon cancer.

3. Slippery Elm

Being a demulcent and a natural anti-inflammatory agent, slippery elm helps heal and protect irritated and injured digestive tissues. It also promotes normal bowel movements and facilitates faster healing. Plus, this herb helps prevent nutritional deficiencies and electrolyte imbalance in people who have Crohn’s disease.

4. Probioticshome treatments

Probiotics are essential for people suffering from Crohn’s disease. Probiotics are live bacteria that are similar to “good” bacteria that normally reside in the intestines.

They help restore the state of good bacteria in the digestive tract, which in turn enhances digestion, absorption and processing of foods through the intestinal tract.

It is recommended to take probiotic supplements that contain both the L. acidophilus and L. bifidus organisms, both of which promote digestive health.

Consult a doctor for the proper dosage of probiotic supplements.


Another very effective home remedy for Crohn’s disease is turmeric. This spice has a compound known as cur cumin, an anti-inflammatory agent that helps reduce inflammation and swelling in the digestive tract. Also, turmeric helps in reducing any abscess on the large and small intestinal linings.

Crohn’s Disease                Causes                      Symptoms                   Types                     Treatments


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