What is Breast Cancer: Breast Cancer awareness

Breast Cancer           Causes of breast cancer             symptoms of breast cancer           Treatments of breast cancer

The only image emerges when the cancerous word comes to mind – painful death – and this is why only the news of cancer causes the patient to be frustrated with life. But a good thing in the area of ​​breast or breast cancer is that it is more likely to cure it. The diagnosis of breast cancer usually goes in the first or second stage. Therefore, it can be treated at the right time. But it is necessary for everyone to know the right about this and they are conscious.

The first step to avoiding breast cancer is awareness. Then comes the remedy to avoid this disease. Changes in lifestyle and vigilance can save you from painful breast cancer.

The sticks are made of fat, supportive muscles and lymphatic tissues, which contain lobes. Breast cancer occurs when there is cancer in the breast vessels and lobe cells. According to the doctors, our body is made up of cells which break down and formed from time to time.

This sequence is highly controlled. But when the breakdown and formation of cells become uncontrolled and new cells become more than needed, then a lump is formed in that place. When these cells or cells collect and form a larger form then they are converted into tumors.

Tumors can be of two types – Binine and malignant. Of these, there is no non-cancerous tine (tumor), but malignant tumor is considered to be cancerous. This item is detected by the investigation.

Breast Cancer           Causes of breast cancer             symptoms of breast cancer           Treatments of breast cancer




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