What happens if a person sleeps only 4 hours per day – HealthySi.com

What happens if a person sleeps only 4 hours per day – HealthySi.com

Recently scientists have found that due to gene mutation, those who have DEC 2 genes only have enough sleep for four hours. Even after such a sleep, they work with full energy all day long. Meditation should be kept that this does not happen in every person and we should understand the pattern of our body and its sleep.

 Naturally, only 5 percent of the people are sleepy. Most people need eight hours of sleep every day. But 30% of us get less sleep than six hours per night.

 People who sleep less than the recommended 7 to 8 hours per night are more likely to suffer from chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression, diabetes and even dementia.

Sleeping, drunken condition less than six hours: If you have been sleeping less than six hours for 12 consecutive nights, then your fitness and consciousness will be the same as if your blood will be 0.1 percent after alcohol. Your speech will not be cleared, the balance will be impaired and the condition will not be too fast. In other words, you will be drunk!According to the research, if you already sleep for a long time, then later sleep will not affect you much.

A theory on sleeping is that during our sleep, our brain arranges the condition right. Sleep also helps us deal with bitter experiences.




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