what causes diabetes type 1 – healthysi.com

what causes diabetes type 1 – healthysi.com

Type 1 diabetes                          Causes                                   Symptoms                               Cures

Diabetes is a group of metabolic illnesses, in which the level of blood sugar in the person’s blood becomes higher than Normal. This happens when insulin is not done properly in the body or body cells do not respond properly to insulin.

Family history

Certain genes can increase the likelihood of diabetes. Those who have a history of diabetes in their family, have more chances of this disease.

Eating Disorders

In adolescent stage, children are more vigilant about their weight and obesity, and they may leave insulin injections regularly, with the intention of not allowing weight gain. Apart from this, women and girls suffering from diabetes have a very good look at eating and drinking.

overweight or obese

If the person is overweight or obese, if the weight is higher than normal, then the probability of diabetes increases. More weight creates obstruction in the formation of insulin. The fat location in the body also affects it. Having high fat deposits on the stomach causes obstruction of insulin production,The result of which can be found in the form of diseases of type 2 diabetes, heart and blood vessels. In such a situation, the person should control his weight while keeping an eye on his body weight index.


Dynamic lifestyle, high levels of junk food, consumption of Fiji drinks and bad eating habits can lead to diabetes. Due to continuous sitting for hours, the possibility of diabetes increases.


Damage to the body nerves, can also affect the digestive system of food by the body. That is why it is difficult to say when insulin starts functioning after eating food. Blood sugar may also be more  than this.

Type 1 diabetes                          Causes                                   Symptoms                               Cures




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