what causes constipation – healthysi.com

what causes constipation – healthysi.com

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There are several reasons for constipation in the body such as

 Mental stress

Tension remains in the inner organs by worrying, being inclined to worry, inauspicious thoughts, breathless thoughts, and continuous thinking. Some medicines given in the treatment of mental stress, depression can also constipation.

Drink less water

Drinking less water causes this problem. If you are thirsty, then drink all the water, but drinking water before morning and one hour before the meal and after two hours, there is no water shortage in the body. Older patients can also get relief from constipation by adopting this rule of drinking water.

More usage of tea, coffee

More usage of Tobacco, tea, opium, alcohol etc., the skin of the body becomes relaxed due to the intake of narcotic things and digestion of eaten food is not done properly, which constipation becomes.

Absence of defecation

Often once the stool is seated, it takes some time to get rid of the stool inside the intestine. Some people stop the defecation only after the first velocity of the stool, which does not get the inside out of the stool, and begins to rot in the inside and block the intestine, causing constipation.

Eating potholes

Whenever there is a need to go to the party etc. then there is a lot of delicious and delicious food available to eat and we eat more in the taste. Which can in some cases make a patient of constipation? Therefore, take care of whatever you eat and your health.

Consuming hot medicines

Medicines such as blood pressure medicines, calcium channel blocker group drugs, cough medicines; urine medicines etc. in cardiovascular diseases also cause constipation problems in some patients. So, if you have this problem with taking any such medication, then consult your doctor about it and it may be possible to stop yourself from closing any particular drug.

Lack of relaxation

By keeping the body in a very labor condition, such as continuously working in double shift, doing long trips, etc. In the condition of the body, the vata defect is provoked and produces constipation.


Constipation     Constipation Causes     Constipation Symptoms        Constipation Treatments



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