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What causes autism – Healthysi.com

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We are still uncertain about all the causes of autism. There may be many reasons instead of just one, it appears that many different situations like environmental, biology, and genetic factors, which determine the level of autism, and have more potential for a child to be disorder.


Genetic problems play a major role in this child’s autism spectrum disorder, one problem has been found from one or both parents. This is the reason why many children are diagnosed with ASD in some families, or brothers and sisters of ASD children often show some ASD symptoms. Other family members may also have ASD or show some ASD symptomsIt is unlikely that there is a specific genes that causes ASD, rather it can be that many genes work together. Researchers have found many potential genes that can play a role in the development of ASD.It is also possible that different gene combination can explain the difference shown in ASD.

Enviormental factors

Given the complexity of autism risk, researchers have started investigating how former and postpartum environmental factors can communicate ASD with genetic sensitivity. For future studies, many environmental risks, including leadership, pesticides, motor vehicle exhaust, hydrocarbons and flame retinants, have been indented, however, at this time no specific environmental trigger has been identified.

External factors can cause ASD in a child who is already prone to genetically developing this condition.


Epigenetic mechanisms can increase the risk of autism. Epigenetic changes are not the result of DNA sequence changes but as a result of modification of chromosomal histone modification or DNA basis. Such modifications are

known to be influenced by environmental factors, including nutrients, drugs and mental stress. Interest in chapters 15k and 7q has been expressed in the raided areas.

Brain Structure

Autistic children’s brain structure is different from normal children. Some researchers found the difference between the autistic mind and the typical brain. Obstacles are big brains for individuals. They begin to process different information. In other words, their brains are “wired” in different ways.





Autism                   Causes of Autism                            Symptoms of Autism                 Treatments &Therapies             




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