What are the home remedies, medicine best treatment for knees pain – HealthySi.com


What are the home remedies, medicine best treatment for knees pain – HealthySi.com

The problem of knee pain is becoming common nowadays, sometimes it happens that due to injury due to some reason or due to the rising age or the weakening of the bones in the condition of frequent, knee pain often occurs. In this post we are telling you some home remedies for relief from knee pain, which you will get relief from knee pain as soon as possible.

Knee Pain Solutions

If you have persistent or slight pain or severe pain in your knees, then try the home remedies given here and you will never again have knee pain. To make painkillers for knees, try some of the tips below.

Turmeric paste

Pain of any injury or knee pain You make this painkiller turmeric paste and put it in place of your injury or on the place of knee pain, it provides relief very quickly. For how to make painkiller turmeric paste, first take a small spoonful of turmeric powder and one teaspoon ground sugar and mix it with turmeric or honey and add a pinch of lime and add some water and make it like a paste. 

 After making this coating, place your slip in the place of your spoon, and put the slip on the place and rent a tariff bandage or an old cotton cloth and keep it covered overnight and wash it with plain water in the morning. By taking this from approximately 7:00 to 1 week to 2 weeks by doing this, it will get relief very quickly in your knee swelling muscle straining in the inner pains. Land and this page gives you eliminated the pain.

 Usage of Dates

5-6 palm food is very beneficial in the winter season, you can eat palm even in this way soak in 6-7 palm water at night and in the empty stomach in the morning eat these dates and at the same time Drink water, in which in which you soaked dates in the night. Apart from knee pain, it also relaxes your joints pain.


Soothing pain reliever medicines may also be beneficial as a very pain reliever medication, to make a painkiller from saunth to painkiller, you need a small spoon of nicotine powder and a little sesame oil, as needed, Make paste.

In the pain or sprain of pain or pain, you place this painkiller nail paste in a lightly affected area and apply it for two to three hours, then wash it with water, by doing this you should kneel in 1 week The pain is full of pain and if the muscles also feel the strain, then it also keeps going.




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