What are the Health Benefits of fig – HealthySi.com


What are the Health Benefits of fig – HealthySi.com

Fig is a fruit produced by humans long ago. Fig does not grow throughout the year, so its dry form is mostly used, which is always available in the market. Figs bring a different taste when used in any dishes. Do you know how many healthy qualities of figs are


Due to abundant iron and calcium found in fig, it is beneficial in anemia. Boil 10 grams and 8 figs in 200 ml milk and drink it. This leads to an increase in blood and blood related disorders.

Relief in cold

Simply put 5 figs of water in the cold water and filter this water and take it hot and hot in the evening and in the evening it provides relief in cold.

Protects against hypertension 

If you take more salt in the diet then it helps in increasing the level of sodium in the body. This increases the balance of the level of sodium-potassium in the body, which increases the risk of high blood pressure. Fig helps to maintain this balance because a dry fig contains 129 mg potassium and 2 mg sodium.


Put 3-4 dry figs in the water in the evening. In the morning, the piles of the figs are removed every morning after eating empty stomach.

Helps in weight loss

Fiber is high in calories as well as low in calories. A piece of figs contains 47 calories and the fat is 0.2 grams. Therefore, it can be a perfect snack for weight lossers.


Relief from fig leaves in asthma. It is very beneficial for people who take insulin. There is good amount of potassium in which blood sugar remains in the level control.



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