What Are Hives‎ (Urticaria) – HealthySi.com

What Are Hives (Urticaria) – HealthySi.com

Hives                         Symptoms of hives                             Causes of hives                        Cures of hives

Hives or urticaria  is a type of rash in the skin. Due to this disease, rashes of reddish red color on the skin occurring continuously itching. These are often caused by allergies, although in many cases there may be cold chilly even without allergic reactions.

This leads to the feeling of burning and stinging in the body. hives is not a single disease. Due to urine, constipation, digestive disorders, catarrh diseases, high heat of blood and excessive bile, it is called disease hip disease.

Due to increase in bile, red-red rashes or rashes fall on hands, feet, stomach, neck, mouth, thigh etc. The meat of that place emerges. Burning and itching. Inflammation occurs on the ears, lips and forehead. Sometimes a fever is also complained.Most patients bite the hives when they are allergic to food items. Generally it is very difficult to ascertain that allergies are happening because many chemicals, pesticides, artificial colors, preservatives, sweetener etc. are used in the market selling food items.

There is also great potential for adulteration in edible oils, milk and spices.Sputum is also called urticaria in therapeutic language, it is itchy bulge visible on the skin. Mostly they are red and they can spread from one quarter inch to several inches in diameter. Many of them go from home remedies in about a day.5% of all people suffer from this disease sooner or later. Women are often more likely to suffer than men. There may be chronic hives when the patient can suffer from problems for even a half year or more. The cases are 80% of the idiopathic type of hives. It is impossible to find reasons for hives when it is idiomatic.


Hives                         Symptoms of hives                             Causes of hives                        Cures of hives



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