Treatment of breast cancer: Cures for breast cancer

Breast Cancer           Causes of breast cancer             symptoms of breast cancer           Treatments of breast cancer

How To Check Breast Cancer 

Women can stay at home and check for the best cancer. Here we are going to tell you its easy way –

Stand in front of a mirror. Now touch your breasts with a light hand. Bring hands on the breasts from the top to the bottom and see that there is no knot either. If there is a knot then you will definitely feel it.

If any knot feels, press and press on it to see whether it hurts in the press. Let us tell you that if the pain in the knot is not pain, chances of breast cancer are increased. In this way, check your breasts regularly.

There are some types of food consumed by which the chance of breast cancer can be reduced to a lesser extent:

Black Tea: Tea is a substance that is easily found in every home and is a popular beverage. Black tea contains the name of the epi gallo catacin gallet, which protects the body from breast cancer. This prevents tumor cells from growing in the breast.

But one study has shown that the people who drink very hot black tea increases the likelihood of breast cancer. Hot temperatures help cancer cells grow. So lukewarm drinking hot tea is good for health.

Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits contain phytochemicals that help stop cancerous cells from developing. Eating apple, grapes, peaches, pears, bananas, etc. in citrus fruits reduces to some extent the possibility of breast cancer.

Green Tea: Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent breast cancer from growing. Boil some tea leaves in a glass of water and boil it till it becomes dry half. After that drink.

Milk and curd: Vitamin D in milk and yogurt, which prevents breast cancer cells from growing.

Wheat grass: Wheat grass is the best cooked substance for the breast cancer patient, which helps prevent the growth of cancer cells. It also helps to remove the toxic substances and unwanted substances from the body while improving the immune system.

Garlic: Garlic helps fight breast cancer by enhancing the immune system.

Measures to Stop Breast Cancer:

• Do not drink too much smoking

• Be physically active, exercise regularly etc.

• Take a low amount of red meat.

• Reduce salt intake

• Avoid the effects of the sun’s rising rays

• Continuous consumption of contraceptive pill only after consultation with the doctor

Keep these things in mind and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer           Causes of breast cancer             symptoms of breast cancer           Treatments of breast cancer


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