thyroid symptoms –

thyroid symptoms –

Thyroid                     Causes of thyroid                    Symptoms of thyroid                          Cures of thyroid

Swelling in the neck

As the thyroid increases, the probability of swelling in the neck increases. There is a pain like needle in the needle. It is black in color, rough and gradually increasing in touch. It never goes baked. In this the patient’s mouth is frozen and the throat and palate remains dry.

Hormonal changes

During periods of women, stomach pain is more in the condition of thyroid, while there are irregular periods in hyperthyroid. In the situation of thyroid, it may also be difficult to conceive.Thyroid hormones begin to become more The speed of the beats is slow. Water comes in the joints, which causes pain and is also difficult to walk.


obesity In the situation of hypothyroidism, weight often increases rapidly. Not only this, the level of cholesterol in the body also increases.

Changes in nails and eyes

When thyroid is present in the body, the nails of the hands are started to dry and rust, and white lines begin to fall, and they are quickly broken. Apart from this, there is a problem in the eyes of the woman, itching and itching of the eyes.


This may also be a symptom of thyroid. When you do a little bit of work and you feel tired, then you should understand that you have the possibility of thyroid. Early fatigue, breathlessness etc.


Depression of depression, which can normally be called symptoms of thyroid and are also. According to the scientists, when you get more mental stress, it means less thyroid hormone is becoming less in your body. That is why more depression is also the symptoms of Thyroid.

Thyroid                     Causes of thyroid                    Symptoms of thyroid                          Cures of thyroid




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