Thyroid disease –

Thyroid disease –

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Thyroid has become a common disease nowadays. In particular, women are the most prey. Of every ten thyroid patients, only eight are women. Typically, any symptoms of thyroid in the early stages can not be detected easily and by the time it is taken seriously, it takes a horrible form. Therefore, there should be information about early symptoms of thyroid.

Thyroid gland is made in two parts on both sides of the breathing tube and the vowel in the neck. Its size is like a butterfly. Thyroid gland creates hormones called thyiracin, which regulates body’s energy decay, protein production, and sensitivity towards other hormones.

Women are the most prey of thyroid. The situation is that eight out of every ten thyroid patients are women.Thyroid glands form iodine with the body and make them. These hormones are necessary to maintain metabolism. When secretion of the thyroid hormone becomes unbalanced, all the inner functioning systems of the body become disorganized. Thyroid is of two types That are below.


Thyroid gland reduces the level of hormone in hypothyroidism. There is no disease of the person in it, but its speed of metabolism becomes slow. To treat this, the patient is given thyroid hormone. Whether a person is suffering from hypothyroidism or not, it can be detected by the decrease of T3 and T4 or by the increase of TSH.


In this, thyroid gland increases the level of hormones. In hyperthyroidism, the person is most likely to have a grave disease, as well as speed up his metabolism. To treat these, anti-thyroid medicines are given to the patient. Hyperthyroidism increases the T3 and T4 of the person’s body, while the amount of TSH decreases.

Blood tests are done in both types of thyroid. Blood in T., Three, T. Four and T. S. The levels of active hormones are checked at the HK level. According to the test reports doctors do treatments. Most patients have to undergo medication throughout the ages, but having problems in the first stage does not lead to more problems. The patient can be completely cured.

Thyroid                     Causes of thyroid                    Symptoms of thyroid                          Cures of thyroid



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