Therapies and Treatments for Autism –

Therapies and Treatments for Autism –

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There’s no cure for autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but there are some therapies that can help some people with ASD work better. It can be difficult to know which type of treatment will work best for your child, because everyone with ASD is affected differently. Some types of treatments may include hours of intense work, and due to practical, emotional and financial commitments it is not always possible for many families. Different types of treatments

Parents’ awareness

First of all parents awareness very important so first step in this is to aware to the parents of the child who suffers from the ASD teach them how to treat the child and understands about child’s interest and many more.

 Communication Therapy

In this  Use visual cues while you try to engage your child in conversation.·         Communicate with your through the pictures introduce the things with the help of pics because they understand pictures earlier.·         Give extra time to your child to process what you’ve said.·         Visualize the meaning behind your words.·         Use sentences that are only one to three words longer than sentences, which your child usually speaks if your child is abusive, then just try to reduce your sentences and keep them simple.

Social skills Therapy

Social skills Therapy Teach themabout how to understand and respond to other people’s feelings through the different stories and also involve yourself and the autistic child in the story then they can learn this as soon as possible.

Special education services

Children of three years old get help through school based programs. With initial intervention, special education services are tailored to your child’s individual needs. Children with ASD are often kept in small groups with children with other developmental delays where they can get more personal attention and special instructions. However, depending on their abilities, they can also spend at least part of the school days in regular classes. The goal is to give children the possible place in “least restrictive environment” where they are still able to learn.

Autism                   Causes of Autism                            Symptoms of Autism                 Treatments &Therapies             




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