Symptoms Of Piles‎ (haemorrhoids) –

Symptoms Of Piles‎ (haemorrhoids) –

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Usually piles are not very serious and they cure themselves in three to four days. Many times people do not even know that they have piles. By the way Piles may have these symptoms: –

a)      In bloody piles, wart bloody are ruddy and bleeding from them

b)      Even after defecation, feeling that the stomach is not clear.

c)      Swelling swells in the anal gates. In indoor piles, the wart hangs outwards and there is trouble in stools. For this reason, the patient feels stressed, so that the bleeding from those wounds begins.

d)      Bloody piles have swelling inside the anus

e)      At the time of discharging the patient, there is a lot of pain in the place of anus and blood also emerges.

f)       Excessive pain in place of anus while getting up, sitting, running.

Stages of piles (haemorrhoids)

 First stage

In this situation, there is small swelling in the blood ducts inside the anus. There is no pain in it. Blood pressure is accompanied by stools from the patient’s anal area when more emphasis is made during excretion than for constipation or other reasons.

Second stage

Swelling in this stage is slightly higher. Moles are also brought out with blood, when thrust during an excretion. When it is defecated, it moves inside itself.

Third Stage

This stage has more swelling. Blood and wart comes out with stool while on the excretion. After defecation, they go inside the anus when they are inside the hand.

Fourth stage

pain is very high in this. Blood pressure occurs when the bowel movements, and the wart comes out, but do not go inside in a hurry even when pushing in with the hand.

Hemorrhoids                Causes of Hemorrhoids                   symptoms of Hemorrhoids       cures of Hemorrhoids


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