Symptoms of Breast Cancer : Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast Cancer           Causes of breast cancer             symptoms of breast cancer           Treatments of breast cancer

Common symptoms of breast cancer:

• Lumps under the breast or arm

• Excretion of certain substances like juice from the breast

• Turning of nipples

• Swelling in the breast

• Breast size changes

• No pain on the pressing of the breast

Having a knot in the breast – Women touch their breasts every day while bathing or see if there is no tumor anywhere. Tell you that there is no pain in this knot, so women do not take it seriously, but if there is any type of knot in the breast, contact the doctor immediately.

Depression in the breasts – Take a little note on your breasts if you have any kind of crater in the breasts or nipples are going deep inside you can have breast cancer.

Pain in the breasts – sometimes due to the tight undergarment, the breasts begin to feel pain and this is a normal thing, but if you have pain due to lack of time and persistent breasts, then definitely check with a good cancer specialist.

Breast secretions – Be careful if any kind of juices such as pus or blood or some liquid comes out from the breasts. Touch your breasts with hands and press lightly if such fluid is released then this is a sign of cancer.

Pain between the breast and armpits – If women who have pain in armpit, then check your breasts. It may be that it is not a pain of cancer but pain in the breast and armpit increases the likelihood of cancer.

Breast Changes – Even if your breasts are suddenly getting too soft or too hard beforehand, this is also a matter of concern. Monitor the breasts continually and check if they feel more soft or hard.

Swelling in the breasts – swelling of the breasts is not a common thing. If a woman seems to be inflamed in her breasts, then contact the cancer specialist doctor without delay.

Marks on the breasts – If there are marks on the breasts such as nails like scars or some scraping marks, or any other type of weird mark growing on the breasts, then this can also be the beginning of cancer.

Turning of nipple – Women are urged to check the breasts every day if nipples appear to turn or turn in, do not ignore it and talk to the doctor.

Itching in the breasts – Many times it may be itchy in the breasts due to the dirty underarm, but if the woman is itchy in the breast without any reason and this itching has been going on for a long time, then you need a medical examination.

Breast Cancer           Causes of breast cancer             symptoms of breast cancer           Treatments of breast cancer



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