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 Swelling                                                    Causes of Swelling                                                     Avoid Tips

Swelling In Pregnancy

With the pregnancy, the body’s functioning is a natural process. In this situation, not only does the whole bodySwelling In Pregnancy‎ flourish on your stomach. There are two reasons for the body to flare during pregnancy: the stagnation of water in the body and the increase in blood clots.

Some women have swelling on the face, hands or edges during pregnancy. As the delivery date approaches, swelling often appears more often.If you are too pregnant and swelling is getting heavier on your body, then according to Bold Sky.

Causes of Swelling


Edema can be at risk of edema due to water retention during pregnancy. This problem may cause swelling in the legs with the feet. Due to the uterus, pressure on the nerves, which affects blood circulation? In this process, the lower part of the blood is obstructed to reach the heart, which causes swelling in the legs. Edema may also be due to low protein and low hemoglobin at times. However, you can avoid this problem with some measures, including drinking adequate quantities of water and keeping feet high. In many cases, feet may not be normal during pregnancy, but after delivery it becomes normal.Swelling In Pregnancy

Hormonal changes

Relaxing hormonal helps to prepare the body for delivery. This makes the joints flexible and the skeletal system is flexible. The foot is composed of 26 bones and more than 30 joints. The effect of this hormonal is not limited to the pelvic region but on the whole leg. Due to this your looseness in your joints and legs starts coming and it starts to grow wider.

Gaining weight

Increasing weight in pregnancy not only increases the size of your feet but also acts as a catalyst. If you are getting too much weight, then it also creates more pressure on your feet. Due to the pressure on the feet, your additions start to grow.

Tips to Avoid Swelling in Pregnancy

Stay constantSwelling In Pregnancy

If you stop walking during pregnancy then your body will blossom. Continuing sitting increases the accumulation of water in the body and it helps the body to flourish. So keep moving in a short span of time and exercise as per your doctor.


Dip in waterSwelling In Pregnancy

Dipping in water will make you feel light and good. Therefore, in order to prevent the body from getting pregnant, you should try to swim. If that is not possible, then keeping your body immersed in the tub can also prove to be very beneficial. But keep in mind that the water does not get hot because hot water is not good for pregnant women.

Straighten the legsSwelling In Pregnancy

sitting in the office for a long time, the feet may swell. To get the right blood flow in the body should be taken in the middle of the work. If possible, keep a stool near the foot so that the foot does not need to be folded for long.

Sleep by the back With the left turn

Blood flow from the gold remains true in the body. So try to sleep on the left side.

Reduce the amount of salt in the food

When you are pregnant, your body gathers more water. This is called edema. Salt increases the amount of water in the body. Therefore, you should reduce the use of salt in the food so that your body does not swell.

 Swelling                                                    Causes of Swelling                                                     Avoid Tips





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