Skin Diseases : Treatments for Skin diseases

Skin Diseases : Treatments for Skin diseases

There are many types of skin diseases. Such as- herpes, itch, itching, scraping, blisters, measles, boils, pimps etc. In many cases we can heal the disease with Ayurveda and home remedies, but it is advisable to consult with a good dermatologist in many cases. Many people get much benefit from homeopathic medicines in skin disease. Today in this article we will talk about Ayurveda methods of correcting skin diseases.

Cause of Skin Disease:

  • People who spend most of the time in the sunlight are more prone to skin diseases.
  • There may be skin disease even if there is side-fat fibers from an antibiotic medicine.
  • In women, menstrual cycle irregularity also increases their chances of having skin disease.
  • Due to the accumulation of excess gas in the body, dryness can be a disease.
  • If you wear more clothes and wearing Nylon’s clothes, then there is danger of skin disorders.
  • This disease can also be caused by excessive soda in bath soap.
  • Itching of the disease is mostly due to blood glucose in the body.
  • Fur and boils can come out when you eat hot and dry cheese.
  • Exercise immediately after eating it is also possible to have skin diseases.
  • Preventing all these impulses, vomiting, sneezing, dread, fart, viburnum, and tatty are at risk of skin diseases.
  • There may be skin diseases due to long-lasting dust and sweating on the body.
  • And eating food of opposite nature after meals leads to leprosy. (E.g. drinking mango juice and buttermilk).

Symptoms Of Skin Disease :

Skin-itching becomes very dry when the skin gets dry, and on that spot, small grains come out on the spot. In general, there is a complaint of burning, itching and pain in any type of skin disease. When the body is accumulating with heat, white or gray stains appear on the skin, or boils and pimples come out, and when it is not treated at the time, the pumps also appear.

Food Sobriety in Skin Disease :

    • Do not eat beedi, cigarettes, alcohol, beer, khany, tea, coffee, cannabis, ganja or any other intoxicants on skin disease.
    • Do not eat bajra and jowar roti at all. Special attention to the body’s purity
    • It is very necessary to stay away from skin contact, sleeping on time, bathing everyday, and contact with direct rays of sunlight.
    • The food must be stopped by eating pickle, lemon, salt, pepper, tomato oiled items, etc. (By eating any sour cheese in the skin disease, the disease progresses rapidly throughout the body.)

  • If there is trouble in digesting food or gas is deposited in the stomach then it should be treated immediately.
  • And when this problem gets cured, then light food should be eaten for a few days.
  • A person with bad digestion has more chances of having a skin disease.
  • The person suffering from any type of skin disease should drink milk by mixing a teaspoon turmeric in a glass of warm lukewarm milk before sleeping on the night every night.

 Home Remedies & Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin Disease:

  • When bathing, neem leaves are heated with water, then mixing that water with bath water gives bath to skin diseases.
  • Nem kopals (new green leaves) also remove skin diseases by eating empty stomach in the morning.
  • To recover the wounds of the skin, remove the juice of neem leaves and put it on the wound and wound the wounds after taking a bandage on it. (The band should change from time to time).
  • The juice of radish leaves on the skin is relieved in any type of skin disease.
  • By eating sesame and radish every day, the water accumulated within the skin becomes dry, and the swelling ends.
  • The aromatic agent of radish gives relief from skin diseases.
  • The radish contains chlorine and sodium content, both of which do not allow stool to stomach and therefore do not cause gas or embryos.
  • The amount of magnesium in the radish is also present, this element is helpful in regulating digestive tract. When the stomach is clean then there will be no problem for skin diseases.
    By eating radish every day, stains, spots, nails, and pimples on the face are cured.
  • Applying apple juice in skin disease provides relief in it. By eating one or two apples per day, skin diseases are removed. To remove the skin oil, add an apple well and apply it on the entire face and after ten minutes wash the face with mild hot water gives relief from the trouble of “oily skin”.
  • Applying fresh cow urine on the skin in the problem of itching and itching brings relief.
  • Wherever boils and pimples have been found, apply garlic juice on it, it gets instant relief.
  • By grafting garlic and sunflower together, making a bundle gives the benefit of binding on the lump of the neck (on the grit of mumps).
  • After putting some garlic cloves in mustard oil and heating it, (light hot) if it is applied on the skin, the problem of scabies and itching removes.
  • If you are complaining about dry skin, mix turmeric in the mustard oil and light massage on the skin by removing the dryness of the skin.
  • Grind turmeric, mixing it with sesame oil and massaging it on the body ends the skin with root.
  • To remove the black stains and spots in the face, the turmeric tears are rubbed in pure water, putting the lip on the face, the scars are removed.
  • Drinking blood of the fruit of bitter gourd purifies the blood of the body. In the morning, without eating anything without eating empty stomach, drinking a fourth part of a gram of “gourd juice of bitter gourd” removes skin diseases.
  • To remove diseases such as herpes, itch and itching, bitter gourd juice should be applied on the skin.
  • After drying the carrot juice with little cotton seeds, put the carrot juice slightly on the cheeks and necks and after drying it, after washing the cheek with cold water, the skin becomes clean and shiny.
  • Drinking one cup of carrot juice every morning, every type of skin disease is removed.
  • Many people have a problem of drying in the winter, vitamins A is rich in carrots, so eating carrots daily eliminates the dryness of the skin.
  • Mixing spinach and carrot juice in equal amounts and mixing two teaspoons of honey in it, all types of skin diseases are destroyed.
  • Carrot juice is the infections and bacterial killer, carrot clears the blood, so the person who carries daily carrots does not have boils, pimples and other skin diseases.
  • If a little honey is added to black soil and boils in a pimple place, then it is immediately relieved.
  • Applying real (cracked) honey on the pim is easily relieved.
  • Drinking water in honey mixed with boils, fumes, and light stains are removed.
  • Grind rock salt, milk, herb, chafer and forest basil with equal quantity, mix with kanji and grind them. Taking this prepared powder on the herpes, itch and itching places gives instant relief.
  • Cutting the herd and chalk with kanji, the beard gets mixed soon after applying the prepared coating on the herpes.
  • Peepal bark powdered, but the pusiform boil gets cured. Examiner disease removes four to five peepal scales in the morning. (This experiment should be done continuously for seven days).
  • Make a powder by grinding them with equal quantity of neem bark, Sahajan bark, old khal, peepal, herald and mustard and grind them. And then mix this powder with gumutra and apply it on the skin, all kinds of complex skin diseases are removed.
  • Grind them together by taking twenty-six grams of these alloys, sauntha, rasna, sandalwood, cedar, and bijourera rods. After that, mix them in water and prepare the lip and then apply that coating on the skin. With this experiment, all types of skin diseases are removed.
  • Eating cucumber gives relief in skin diseases. Applying the juice of cucumber on the skin will remove the skin from the skin, and the face glows.
  • Drinking cucumber juice also benefits the body.
  • By roasting the onion in the fire and binding on the bones and pimples and tumors, it immediately fades. If they are full of pus they also come out.
  • Every kind of irritation, swelling and pain is cured by this experiment. This experiment also cures infection of the infection. Rubbing the pitch raw or firmly in the skin gives rise to skin.
  • The person who eats onion every day does not feel like a heat stroke.
  • Pouring of turmeric and turmeric juice mixed in equal quantity and it is used to relieve herbs in the itching areas, it is immediately relieved.
  • Make a powdered mint paste and apply it on the cheek, and then after a while, if the cheer is washed with cold water, the heat of the chemistry is removed, and the skin becomes shiny.
  • Boil the oven by boiling water, it relaxes in it.
  • Mixing oatmeal with warm water in hot water, applying it on herbal scalp, itch, itching and pimple, gives instant relief.
  • Washing or securing the skin with hot water, removes the cracks of hands and feet and acids, and pain gets rested immediately.
  • By getting salt in hot water, bathing protects against skin diseases that occur in the winter season. And if the disease has happened then by using this experiment the disease ends.


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