Simple Ways to Get Positivity

Simple Ways to Get Positivity

1. Feel Gratitude for Everything

Always feel attitude of Gratitude that you Got in your life,Always say thanks for those that you got in your life when we feel Gratitude for good things in our life then we push the negative thoughts and Our Life fill with positivity. you will find that good things seem to want to come your way because of your appreciation for them.

You will find you love being grateful for the good things in life.

2.Cut Negative people out of your Life

Usually the best antidote to negativity is simply to spend time with positive happy people doing positive, uplifting activities. Sometimes if we analyze and examine our own negativity it does nothing to reduce it. By engaging in useful fun activities with positive and happy people, we forget about the reasons for our negativity; this is often the most powerful way to overcome a depressed state of mind. Positive Happy people often melt away all the negativity around them.

3. Don’t Accept Negativity from Other People

There are no shortage of pessimists, critics in the world we live in. There will always be people who can find the negative in life; but, there is no reason why we have to ascribe to their world view. For example, often in an office environment there is a negative attitude to the workplace, but, even if there are faults and limitations we don’t have to allow them to make us a negative person. right?


4.Control Your Thoughts

If you can learn to control your thoughts, you can control the experience and emotions of life. The best antidote to negativity is learning the art of meditation. Meditation is more than just relaxation; it is a change in consciousness. We move from the limited perspective of our mind and discover an inner source of happiness. Making your mind quite is meditation enough. Just a few minutes of a quite mind can help tremendously in letting go of negative thoughts.

5.Live From the Heart

The nature of the mind is to be suspicious and critical. If someone does 99 good things and 1 bad thing, the mind will invariably remember the bad thing. If we allow ourselves to be drawn into highlighting the mistakes of others we will invite a negative mindset. However, if we live from the heart we are not drawn to the faults of others (even if they are insignificant). It is in the heart that we can have a true sense of oneness with others, their faults seem insignificant and we can feel a sense of identity with the achievements of others.

6.Don’t Sit free

The worst thing for a negative frame of mind is to mope around feeling sorry for ourselves. Ruminating on our bad luck / worries / fears will not diminish them in any way. Exercise can be a powerful way to bring about a new consciousness. Negativity is often associated with boredom and lack of purpose. Stop endlessly checking emails and surfing web, look for something good to do. Put all that knowledge you have to good use.

7.Make Yourself Think of 3 Positive Thoughts

Making the decision to find ways to get rid of negativity is one that will make your life much happier, richer and fuller.

The very first step you need to take when you are looking for ways to get rid of negativity is to get rid of it in yourself.

Make a decision to be a more positive person.

Since we cannot magically, instantly transform into a positive person, you can do this in steps.

 work on stopping all of the negative talk, then work on replacing it with positive. Remember them in your minds eye and feel the happiness in your heart.


In time, you will find that you are one of the most positive people that you know.



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