Shingles Symptoms –

Shingles Symptoms –

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There are small white granules in the whole body. When they break, water comes out like a liquid, which becomes thick when it gets cooked. It has lot of itching, it can often occur in the middle of the fingers and anywhere in the entire body. It is repeatedly desire to scab it and when it is scratched then there is intense irritation later. This is a spontaneous and infectious disease. If the patient uses a towel and sheet, the disease goes ahead, if the patient has a disease in his hands and mixes it, even then the disease gets to the front.

Psoriasis and vipadika

In this disease, there are small or small colored blisters of which the pus is flowing in sufficient quantity and itching too, and due to the stiffness in the body, the skin of the skin gets torn apart, then it is called the Psoriasis . If the skin of the feet is torn apart and severe pain, then it is called vipadika. There is only the difference between these two.


There is also a disease of herpes, itch, itchy species, which is extremely painful. The place of disease becomes red and it becomes small grains. It does not cause rashes but it becomes anywhere in the body. It is of two types. One dry and second wet. Dry like a crusted husk and wet pudding resembles pus. If it is done in the head, the hair of that place starts to fall.

Poma and kachchu

It is also a kind of itching like other skin diseases. There are also small fungi in it. The pus comes out of them, there is irritation, and the itching becomes evenly equal. If these blisters are big and strong, and are in special waist or hip, then it is called Kaku.


The part of the body which is red in color, which has equal pain, itching, and spreading boils, whose skin is torn and can not touch any substance, it is called Parchment.

Shingles                           Causes of shingles                       Symptoms of shingles                 Cures of shingles



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