Schizophrenia – Symptoms –

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Schizophrenia Symptoms

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Schizophrenia involves many types of problems with thinking, behavior, and emotions. Symptoms can vary, from person to person. In men, symptoms of schizophrenia usually start from the middle of the first 20. In women, symptoms usually start at the end of 20. And it is unusual for children to have schizophrenia. Diagnosis is rare and rare for people aged 45. But common schizophrenia-symptoms can include:  psychotic symptoms

1)       Listening to fantasy sounds that others do not hear.

2)       Fear in your own world and thoughts.

3)       Talk about unrelated.

4)       Make strange expressions.

5)       Talking to fantasy people.

6)       Angry at small things, getting excited.

7)       Sometimes aggressive behaviors.

8)       Social and emotional depression. – To wander out of the house for many days or to refuse to leave the house.Many Hands

9)       Daily workings such as washing shoes, making shave, drinking food, changing clothes, etc. irregularity.

10)   Laugh without any reason creating strange faces by looking at the mirror.

11)   Feeling emptiness.

12)   Unable to express feelings properly (laughing at someone’s death).

13)   Feeling difficult to connect with others and maintain relationships with others.

14)   Thinking of self-interest.

15)   Lack of concentration in functioning, such as not giving up on the continuation of the stove or giving attention to the boiling of milk.

16)   Make a mistake in work. eye

17)   Mess in book.

18)   Speak less.

19)   Excess salt in food.

20)   Misinterpretation in work.

21)   Lack of responsibility to remain missing from work.

22)   Frequently resigns from the job.

23)   Students leave practice or fail in examinations.

24)   For a logical reason, one can jump from one subject to the other.

25)   Following the speaker can be difficult or irregular.

26)   Such people have trouble finding and speaking.  Schizophrenia effect

27) Unawareness of illness They may refuse to take medication for fear of side effects, or for fear that the medication may be poison.

28) The patient withdraws himself socially he does not want to join the society; this is often because they believe that someone is harming them.

29) Difficulty in starting and continuing activities.

30) Decrease understanding and decision-making ability.

Schizophrenia                       Causes & Types                              Symptoms                                 Treatments


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