Psoriasis Symptoms and Types –

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Psoriasis Symptoms

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Psoriasis Symptoms of Psoriasis are seen individually in each person. These symptoms also depend on the type of psoriasis that a person has. Psoriasis encircles a very small area of ​​the skin such as the head or elbow or any other part of the body.


  • Red rashes surrounded by a white layer with swelling on the skin.
  • Dead skin like a white crust on red wheels.
  • Dry skin, fracture and bleeding in them.
  • Cracked heels.
  • Rashes pains.
  • Itching and burning feeling around the wheels.
  • Thick, congested or embroidered nails and stains in them.
  • Swelling and pain in joints.
  • Irritation of eyes.
  • Trouble in walking and running.

Types of Psoriasis

(A) Plaque psoriasis

  • Plaque psoriasis is a common type of psoriasis. 8 people in 10 people are victims of psoriasis.
  • Due to plaque psoriasis, the silver color and white line becomes on the body.
  • There is a problem of irritation with the red spots.
  • These may occur on any part of your body, but most of the elbows, knees, sculptures, are down in the back.

(B) Guttate or Spotted Psoriasis

  • These are seen more in children or youth.
  • In this, a small pink spot emerges on your body.
  • This is seen on the upper arm, thighs and sculptures.

(C) Inverse psoriasis

  • Inverse psoriasis is byte red, smooth and shiny.
  • Do not make these lines.
  • These are mostly found under arm pits, groin, breast.

(D) Pustular psoriasis

  • This is a rare type of psoriasis.
  • It is found in most of the garden.
  • It has a red colored abscess that contains the fill.
  • These appear to be infected but this happens.
  • They are mostly in hands and feet. But it can happen in any part of the body.
  • Due to this many problems like fever, nausea, etc. also occur.

(E) Erythrodermic psoriasis

  • This is the type of most rare psoriasis, though it is very serious.
  • It mostly affects you body. It spreads to the skin.
  • It causes problems such as itchiness, heart rate rise and lower body temperature.
  • Due to this there may be infection, pneumonia.

(F) Nail psoriasis

  • In this the nails of the people are affected.
  • These problems are mostly in the people suffering from Psoriatic Arthrites
  • In this psoriasis, the pain in the nails, the change of color, the chalk inside the nails is filled with elements.
  • This is mostly due to fungal infections.

(G) Psoriatic Arthrites

  • It is a combination of psoriasis and arthrites.
  • About 70 percent of such cases have psoriasis problems for about 10 years.
  • Its common symptoms include problems like pain, swelling of the fingers and ankles, etc.

 Psoriasis         Causes of psoriasis         Symptoms & Types of psoriasis             Cures of psoriasis 



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