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 psoriasis causes 


 Psoriasis         Causes of psoriasis         Symptoms & Types of psoriasis             Cures of psoriasis 


Most of these diseases are hereditary, therefore, the greatest reason for this disease is to be inherited.

Decreasing Immune Power

If your disease has reduced the ability to resist, you may still have this disease.

Air and Cough Problem

Ayurveda is believed that if a person is suffering from vata and phlegm, then he has a                                                       hundred percent psoriasis.


 Injury Happens

While playing or doing some work, there is an injury to the skin, which we ignore, but if it turns into infection it takes the form of psoriasis.


Psoriasis can also be due to continuous exposure to chemicals and pollution. This disease is more in winter. This disease can also be caused due to excessive sun exposure.

Stress and diet

In tension and dietary Ayurveda, it is believed that there may be imbalance of eating too much uneven food together (yogurt and fish). Therefore, excessive consumption of honey, garlic, radish, oiled food, seafood, sour or spicy food, junk food can also cause psoriasis.

Mental disorders can also play a major role in psoriasis. Psoriasis may increase due to excessive consumption of alcohol and excessive smoking. Some medicines may also be the reason behind this.

Side effects of medicine

Acne medicines, malaria, and lowering of blood pressure can lead to psoriasis disease and may also increase.

Alcohol and Smoking

For those who regularly drink and smoke, the risk of this disease is very high.

Unusual Food

Some people have a habit of feeding anti-depressant, and these diseases also increase.

Coldness in weather

This disease increases more during the cold days. According to Ayurveda, this problem is caused by the imbalance of Vata-Pitt. Due to this, the toxic elements are gathered in the body, which infects the tissues inside the blood and muscles besides causing the person to suffer from this disease.

 Psoriasis         Causes of psoriasis         Symptoms & Types of psoriasis             Cures of psoriasis 


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