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Pneumonia                           Symptoms                                         Causes                           Natural Treatments


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  • Pneumonia is a disease that causes people to get sick from time to time.
  • People in the daily life also get into the grip of this disease.
  • This disease can occur at any time in any season, but the risk of disease increases more during the rainy season and the symptoms of pneumonia get noticed.
  • Pneumonia was considered to be a life-threatening condition until some time ago, but now it is not so.
  • However, even if this disease is serious, then it can be fatal, but its number has decreased considerably.
  • Pneumonia usually bothers children and older people more often.
  • But, it can happen to any age and gender person.cold lady
  • Pneumonia is a lung infection, which is caused by bacteria, viruses, fungus or parasites.
  • Its most important is the swelling of the lungs air sac, or the fluid is filled in it.
  • Pneumonia sometimes takes a serious form.
  • In this situation the condition of the person becomes very bad and his life can go too.
  • However, this disease can happen to young and healthy people, but for the elderly, children, people who are already suffering from any disease or whose immune system is weak, this disease can be very dangerous.
  • Most pneumonia disease is cured in 2 to 3 weeks, but in the elderly and children, this disease is not properly cured.
  • They need urgent medical care to recover.lungs
  • Pneumonia then takes the form of a disease when the germs begin to reach your lungs through respiration. After this you get cold and flu.
  • In your illness, your lungs do two or two hands.  In the United States, more than three million people have pneumonia each year, and about 17 percent of them are treated in hospitals only.
  • Most people recover from this disease, but five percent of people suffer from death due to illness.

Symptoms & Warning Signs 

Bacterial pneumonia is seen faster than pneumonia caused by virus. Pneumonia begins with the symptoms of colds and flu first. After this, high fever, to get brown and green mucus from the lungs, difficulty breathing and breathing difficulties, chest pain, stools and vomiting, diarrhea, headache, muscle and joint pain, nails yellow, wheezing etc. Other Warning Signs of this are as follows: –


  • Whenever a persistent diluted diarrhea comes or vomits, then we call it diarrhea.
  • Diarrhea is caused by viral, bacterial infections, but the main reason for this is that we give birth to wrongful eating, polluted water and diseases like diarrhea in our intestines.
  • But this is also the symptom of pneumonia.


  • Cough and cold is a disease that can happen in any season.
  • Pneumonia occurs when your lungs get emptied, so this is also the symptoms of pneumonia.


  • In the problem of pneumonia, children also get a fever with strong cold. More than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • In older people people have less intensity of fever.


  • Most people get cold fever and sweating, as the infection increases in people with pneumonia.

Shortness of breathbreath

  • When pneumonia occurs, it starts running faster than Sense.
  • Tell you that pneumonia is an inflammatory disease, whose germs first attack the lungs at air pores, and when their number increases significantly, they start affecting the air passing through the nose and throat.
  • which may cause too much trouble in breathing It seems.

Feeling weak

  • There is also a symptom on pneumonia that a person suffering from this disease feels pain, headaches, tired and weak in the muscles.
  • Apart from this, the body also lacks oxygen.

Body effect

  • Coughing constantly increases the effect of the body infections and due to excessive cough, you experience chest pain.
  • If we take care of it properly, we can easily fix it in two or three days.

Causes of pneumonia

  • Bacteria virus or fungus which enters you through your nose, mouth, which lives in the environment around you. Which can enter your lungs? By which infection occurs pneumonia you can also get the vitamins or viruses from those people from which they are infected. Whether it looks to you or not.fungus
  •  The main cause of this disease in children or adults in developing countries is Streptococcus pneumonia bacteria or Neumococcus. And other main causes may also be hemophilic influenza or HIV.
  •  There may be other causes of this disease, such as influenza, staph infection, human respiratory syncytial virus rhinovirus, herpes simplex virus and severe acute respiratory
  • syndrome.
  • This disease can also be caused by taking food, fluids, gases and some fungal inhalation of the normal type of disease inside the body.
  •  Pneumoniaisitis carini (Pneumococcystis jirovaceae) Pneumonia (PCP) is a fungal infection, which can affect people with weak waiting systems, including HIV and AIDS.
  •  We also may be pneumonia due to the flu virus. Apart from this, other viruses – Rhinovirus, Corona virus, Infusion Virus, Respiratory Syndicate Virus (RSV), Adeno virus and Influenza are included.

Natural Treatments of Pneumonia

  • Daily food use like turmeric, black pepper, fenugreek and ginger are beneficial for the lungs.
  • Sesame seeds are also helpful in the treatment of pneumonia. 15gm sesame seeds in 300 milliliters of water, a pinch of ordinary salt, a spoon Using loincloth and one spoonful honey together daily, the cough gets out of the lungs.
  • Pneumonia also provides relief in fresh ginger juice or ginger sucking.
  • It is also beneficial to take honey with some lukewarm water.
  • Massaging the hot turmeric oil and camphor by massaging the chest gives relief from pneumonia.
  • The patient’s room should be clean, and warm. The sun should have sunlight in the room.
  • Keep the patient’s body warm, especially the chest and feet.
  • Tulsi is also very useful in pneumonia. Mix some fresh leaves of Tulsi, one pinch of black pepper and leave it after every six hours.

Pneumonia                           Symptoms                                         Causes                           Natural Treatments


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