Natural Treatments for Lyme Disease –

Natural Treatments

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We have some natural treatments for lyme disease that you can apply and get relief from Lyme disease.

  • Low Dairy,Sugar and Red Meat You Dons quo -T

  1. These things are completely cut, but they need to eat them in small quantities.
  2. Lime bacteria prefer to feed these things off, so if you take away the food they are weak and become more sensitive to the treatment.
  3. Dairy can increase inflammation in the body, but it is okay to drink organic raw milk.
  • Make a good size salad with every leafy greens

  1. This will help combat fatigue and increase your ability to fight your bodyrsquo-infection.
  2. It will also help to clean the body of toxic substances.
  • Catrsquo-s Claw is a popular measure Catrsquo-s claw

  1. This herb is immune-enhancing chemicals that can fight off infections and cancer cells.
  2. Start slowly by taking a drop of one day to remove only one full cup of water.
  3. Daily 5 drops work your way up until you reach the maximum of 25 goes one day.
  4. Make sure you use this herb empty stomach.

  • Garlic

  1. This disease comes from natural remedies lime, not everyone has a magic cure in the kitchen.
  2. Garlic has antibacterial effect and even reduces the chances of biting the tick, then eating on a regular basis can be helpful.
  3. Add to your daily meal and yours quo- I find it unique.
  • Stephanie

  1. Stephanie, an anti-inflammatory herb helps with thinking problems, and enhances the immune system.
  2. It can also reduce the pain of lime rheumatoid arthritis.
  3. Take 1 teaspoon frac12-three times a day.
  4. It can have a side effect of constipation and is not safe during pregnancy.
  • Vitamin

  1. Vitamin needs your body to get all the power and energy.
  2. Start using a multivitamin every day and make sure they include enough vitamin C and vitamin b.
  3. You may also need to start using a supplement to a melatonin supplement at night for better sleep.

How to Prevent Lyme Disease

Prevention of Lime Disease involves reducing your risk of facing a tick bite. Take the following steps to prevent biting of the tick:

(A) Wear pants and long sleeves on the road
(B) By cleaning the woody areas on your yard, keeping at least the underbrush, and placing wooden lid in many sun-areas to make it suitable for ticks.

(C) Use insect repellent cream with insect repellent containing 10 percent DEET will protect you for a period of approximately two hours. Do not use more DEET for the number of times you live outside, and do not use DEET on the face of children under 2 children.

(D) Check ticks for your children, pets, and yourself, assume that you can not be infected again; People can get Lime Disease more than once

(E) Remove tents with tweezers Apply tweezers near the head or mouth and pull slowly. Make sure all the tick parts have been removed. Contact your doctor whenever you or your loved ones


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