Is it harmful to keep your mobile in your bed while you sleep –

Is it harmful to keep your mobile in your bed while you sleep –

In today’s time, hardly anyone would be like someone who does not use mobile. Today without life, life seems completely incomplete. If it also removes us from one day to another, it feels like a part of our body has separated us from us and we have become completely helpless. The first-hand phone was considered rich, then it is necessary And now it has become compulsion. But the compulsion was made that phone is becoming the root of the diseases. It can not be denied that some radiations that cause bad effects on health are released. Today you are going to tell you how this mobile is giving you diseases

At the same time we prefer to sleep with our mobile. But having or using mobile on the bed at night you have a lot of losses.

You must have even felt that after the use of the night, your head would be heavy in the morning? The reason behind this is to keep the mobile adjacent to sleep.

If you keep your phone under your pillow, then you should end this bad habit today, let us tell you about some of its harmful effects.

Harmful contact of mobile radiations

The biggest risk in the dangers caused by mobile phone radiation is cancer. If you keep your mobile phone pasted in your pocket or body all day, then there is a possibility of getting tumor at the respective place and you can easily become cancerous.

Mental health

Mobile may have become your requirement, but if you want restless sleep, you should keep it away from yourself while sleeping at night. Mobile is not good for your sleep .

Other Harmful Effects

If you have a sleep problem by taking mobile phones at night, then read this news. Taking the electronic device together brings an eye and skin irritation problem …



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