Is drinking lemon water good or bad for one who wants to get pregnant –

Is drinking lemon water good or bad for one who wants to get pregnant –

Lemon Water is good because it contains things like potassium, magnesium, calcium, antioxidants and more. Normally the water becomes thin and enhances the cervical sputum, which we all know is important in the cooperation of pregnancy, since lemon water is a natural drink, it is a great option for women who want to conceive trying. It’s better than things like soda, coffee or other artificial flavored drinks.

If you drink more water, you can ensure that your uterus is healthy enough to implant for the fetus and you can also ensure that your eggs are at optimal health, so the bottom line is that overall health And drinking water is very good for fertility and if you add lemon to your drinking water, then you are also increasing the possibility of getting pregnant several times.

Body pollution and food are bombarded with harmful free radicals. And these free radicals can damage sperm, egg and reproductive organs. The importance of this antioxidant is that in this beverage, antioxidant will help to destroy these free radicals, so that your body can be prepared for conception. This is the reason that it is effective for infertility treatment.


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