Human papillomavirus (HPV): Treatment, symptoms, and causes

Human papillomavirus (HPV): Treatment, symptoms, and causes


HPV                    Symptoms of HPV                       Causes of HPV                             Cures of HPV

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a common virus generating wart. There are over 100 types of HPV. Mostly harmless, but cancer of about 30 types of HPV can be done. These types affect genitalia and through physical contact with an infected partner.Human papillomavirus (HPV): Treatment, symptoms, and causes

They may be less risky or at high risk. Low risk HPV can cause genital warts. High risk HPV can cure the vaginal, vaginal and anal cancers in women. In men, it can lead to anal and genetic cancers.

Although some people may develop wart in genitalia with HPV infection but others do not have any symptoms. Your doctor can treat or remove wart. Pap in women can test cervical cancer-related changes. Pap and HPV testing is the type of cervical cancer screening.

Causes of HPV

(A) Alcoholic intake

Those who drink 2 or more times a day, the risk of having human Papillomavirus increases by 13%. Those who drink a lot more than this, their risk increases by more than 35%.

(B) Age Increases the Risk in Men

People of 45 years of age or older can easily become Human Papillomavirus Infection. Therefore, people of this age should take seriously the symptoms related to it.

(C) Physical Relationship with Many People

Men who have sex with more than one person, they have a higher risk of getting sick. This increases the risk of infection increases. To avoid this disease, you remain healthy and healthy.

(D) Weak Immune SystemHuman papillomavirus (HPV): Treatment, symptoms, and causes

The immune system which is very weak in people or is affected by this virus very quickly. Those people who are consuming those medicines are affected by the immune system, those people should not circumvent the symptoms of HPV, or the result may be serious.

(E) Age

Children and teenagers have the greatest risk of developing common warts and flat warts. Genital HPV infection often gets juvenile and young.

(F) Mother to Child

Genital HPV infection is also one of the diseases that can come from mother to child. If the mother has genital HPV infection then the newborn may be suffering from this infection during pregnancy.

Symptoms of HPVHuman papillomavirus (HPV): Treatment, symptoms, and causes

With the development of the Papillomavirus infection, the incubation period usually lasts 2-3 months. However, in some cases it can contract or increase. Additionally, HPV can be capable in the human body from its birth, but due to the high stability of the immune system, many people do not suspect its existence, and only if the immune system is reduced, the virus itself will appear Could.When a virus enters the body, it appears in the form of various types of benign structures on the skin and mucous membranes, which can behave individually. This is the reason that many forms of PVI are considered in clinical practice:

  • Flat papiloma

Flat Papiloma Virus On the smooth and flat growth of the body, which is a solid color. Thus, the increase can sometimes be done with pain and itching. They usually appear on the hands, neck and face.

  • Wart on genitals

Genital warts may be in the form of flatness and increase in the form of stem. On the most common genitals, wart appears on the genitals. In pubic area, labia, cervix, vaginal and rectum: in women, genitals appear on the wart. Warts may appear on the fingers, and also in the mouth and eyes. Apart from this, the viscosity of the wart on the genitals is not accompanied by anything else.

Natural Ways to cure HPV

(A) Oregano OilHuman papillomavirus (HPV): Treatment, symptoms, and causes

Oregano oil, a natural cure for hpv virus from the mint family helps in reducing the warts effectively. This cure is cost-effective that has to be applied onto the wart to get relief. Before applying, it is necessary to dilute the oil as it may sting a bit.

(B) Calendula

Calendula can be consumed orally or as a suppository that is commonly used in curing warts. Normally called as marigold flower, Calendula oil acts efficiently in removing the warts caused by hpv infection.

(C) CurcurminHuman papillomavirus (HPV): Treatment, symptoms, and causes

The purified form of turmeric, Curcurmin is an anti-oxidant that acts effectively against hpv virus and protects the body’s DNA cells. It also has great effect in curing different forms of cervical cancer.

(D) GoldensealHuman papillomavirus (HPV): Treatment, symptoms, and causes

Goldenseal is a natural cure for hpv virus that is used along with Echinacea in removing the warts. This cure has the same effect in stimulating the immune system by increasing the white blood cells count. Goldenseal produces twisted stem called as rhizome used as a natural remedy. It has a substance, berberine that has the composition to kill the strains of microorganisms.

(E) AstragalusHuman papillomavirus (HPV): Treatment, symptoms, and causes

Astragalus acts as immune stimulator and anti-viral agent to fight against hpv virus. It initiates the p-53 gene that in turn invokes the production of interleukin-2. This substance kills the hpv virus and improves immunity against cancer.

HPV                    Symptoms of HPV                       Causes of HPV                             Cures of HPV




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