how to lose belly fat: how to lose weight at home

Tips to reduce fat from belly :

  • Mix honey with two tablespoons radish juice and drink it in equal quantity with water. This will lose belly fat and reduce fatness.

    • Eat with tomato and onion salad, pepper and salt, along with food. These will give vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, potassium, lycopene and lutein to the body. After eating it will fill the stomach with food and the weight will be controlled. Drink in quantity with water. This will reduce the stomach fat and reduce fatness.
    • Do not eat too much carbohydrate items. Sugar, potatoes and rice contain more carbohydrates. They increase the fat.
    • There is less calorie in vegetables and fruits, so consume enough of them. Do not eat banana and chikoo. Obesity increases with these
    •  Increasing weight can be overcome by adding chopped green chilies or black pepper to the food.
    • Diet plan lost 5kg in 5 days  Rice of wheat, soybean and gram flour instead of wheat flour is more beneficial.
    • Make powder by grinding equal quantity of amla and turmeric.

    • The full amount of fill in the cranberry contains malic acid, citric acid and cunic acid, which work as digestive enzymes. These acids digest the accumulated fat on the lymphatic system, which is not able to liver. Therefore, the juice of cranberry reduces the width of your waist. So drink 100 percent pure cranberry juice every day.

    • Lemonade improves the functioning of your liver and thus helps reduce the fat accumulated around your waist. In addition, lemonade also increases the enzyme that reduces fat in your body.

    • Eat fish oil to reduce frozen fat on your stomach. Echosiopiintinic acid, docoshexenoic acid and linolenic acid in fish omega 3 fatty acids help reduce fat in the stomach.

    • If you are a vegetarian and can not consume the fish to reduce the stomach fat. In such a situation, consuming chia seeds will prove to be the right option for omega-3 fatty acids. By the way, to change the alpha-linolenic acid in these seeds, you may need to give your body a little more flexibility to convert it to DHA. In addition, cheeses seeds are good sources of antioxidants, calcium, iron and fiber. Thus their consumption increases blood and strengthens the bones.

  • By the way, ginger is regularly used in Indian cuisine and its main reason is that due to its eating, the heat produced in our bodies Ginger increases the body temperature and thus reduces the fat of the stomach. Fat on your stomach can be accumulated for many reasons but it can be removed easily by this one option. Ginger consumption reduces the production of cortisol in the body and keeps the energy of your body in control. So if you do not put ginger in the vegetable, then drink it in tea and drink it.
  • New cells are born in place of old cells every moment in our body. Of these, adiposal cells work to produce adipose tissue. In a process of these adipose tissues, the pre-adiposite is converted into habit. This process is called vasjanan. Studies have shown that consumption of garlic prevents the creation of this habitat process in the body. So, in simple words, garlic does not let your cells change in the habit. This raw food is a bit tricky.


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