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Tips to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

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Eyes are the most important and beautiful part of the body, which sometimes becomes your identity too. Care of eyes is very important. Eye mates are most active in the body. In modern times, numbers of people’s glasses are increasing due to factors such as heredity, stress of work, stress, lack of nutrition, more studies.In general, doctors can only treat low light eyes. But still you can increase your eyes by adopting some home remedies.Below are some tips for Improve Your Eyesight Naturally.

  • Pencil push-upsPencil push

  1. Make a pencil in front of vertically straight eyes in hand.
  2. The pencil should be between the eyes in front of the name exactly.
  3. Keep your focus on the pencil’s tip.Now slowly bring this pencil closer to your eyes and then take away.
  4. Make it 10 times daily.

  • Morning Walk on grass

  1. Waking up early in the morning walking a 30-minute foot in the owed grass is also part of the acupunctureMorning Walk therapy.
  2. Because this cause the nerve fibers of the feet to become activate, which improve eyesight.
  3. The second and third finger of the feet has reflexology pressure points for eyes, which increase the eyesight when it is activate.
  4. The eyes feel happy due to roaming in the green atmosphere of the morning in the morning.
  • Temple massagetemple massage

  1. Massage on both sides of your neck.
  2. Together with the thumb in the clockwise direction .
  3. Massage 20 times in the opposite direction of the clock and thus massage the nose joint and also between the forehead.

  • Eye rolling                                                   Eye rolling

  1. Rotate your eyes 10 times in the direction of the clock needle.
  2. After 10 minutes rest, turn 10 times in the opposite direction.
  3. It keeps eyes healthy.
  • Sunning and palming

  1. Sunning and palming are also beneficial for eyesight.                    Sunning and palming
  2. They make lenses of eyes and ciliary muscles flexible and strong.
  3. The sun has natural healing power which we can absorb through sunning.
  4. Palming brings relaxation in our body and activates our senses.
  • Naps


  1. After weakness of the eyes, sitting on the chair after resting with some urgent work.
  2. sit back and sigh for 3 minutes and close your eyes.
  3. It refreshes the eyes.



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