How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids (piles) Naturally –


How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids (piles) Naturally –

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It is very easy to recognize hemorrhoids. Extreme pain in the rectum at the time of excretion and after this bleeding, itching is a symptom. This causes swelling in the anus. Ayurvedic medicines can be found to get rid of piles.


Take one-and-two paper lemon in the anus from the anima. Keep taking it in a while after a gap of 10-15 minutes, after that go away. Use this once in 4-5 days. Using it 3 times is useful in hemorrhoids.


Give 100 grams of raisins in the water at night and let it melt it in the same water in the morning. Piles of this disease are cured after a few days after consuming this water.


Make a powder by mixing it with kernels of jamun and drying part of mango karnal. Take this powder with a spoonful of hot water or buttermilk, and it is beneficial in bloody piles.


Take about two liters of whey and mix 50 grams of cumin seeds and some salt in it. Whenever thirst comes, drink this butter instead of water. By using it for four days, piles of hemorrhoids are cured. Or put half a teaspoon cumin powder in a glass of water and drink it.


Large cardamom is also a very good treatment to remove piles. To consume it, burn approximately 50 grams of cardamom on the pan and roast it. Grind the cardamom after cooling The piles are cured every morning after taking this powder with an empty stomach with water.



Hemorrhoids                Causes of Hemorrhoids                   symptoms of Hemorrhoids       cures of Hemorrhoids




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