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 home remedies for shingles – Healthysi.com

Shingles                           Causes of shingles                       Symptoms of shingles                 Cures of shingles


By scarring the ringworm and applying lemon juice four times a day, the herpes is healed.You can also Rub the dried chestnut in lemon juice. At first there will be some irritation, then coolness will be found, after applying it after a few days the herpes gets cured.


Boil the bathua and drink it and drink its juice and eat its vegetable. Grind raw cotton leaves and squeeze out the juice. Mix half cup of sesame oil in this 2 cup juice and cook it on light-light fires. When the juice gets burnt and the oil remains the rest, filter the oil and fill it in the vial. Applying this oil on the herpes for long periods is beneficial.

Pomegranate leaves

By grinding pomegranate leaves, the herpes, itching becomes cured.

Mustard oil and neem

Take 250 grams of mustard oil and put it in a pan of iron and put it on the fire. When the oil starts boiling, put 50 gm of neem into a soft clot. As soon as the thorns are black, take out the pan immediately, otherwise oil can burn in the oil. After cooling, filter the oil and fill it in the bottle. Exile four times a day, Exima will be destroyed in a few days. If you continue to take one year then this disease will not happen again.

 Basil Leaves

Basil oil should be taken three times a day in itching, herpes or other skin diseases. Take root of Basil with complete root. Then wash it and clean it soils and so on. Then crush it and mix it with half a liter of water and half a liter of sesame oil and cook it on low flame. Keep the water safe after filtration and filing it with oil remaining. This is basil oil which is very beneficial in skin diseases.

Shingles                           Causes of shingles                       Symptoms of shingles                 Cures of shingles





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