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Hives symptoms – HealthySi.Com

Hives                         Symptoms of hives                             Causes of hives                        Cures of hives

Red-red rash or rash on the body, which is sweet-sweet itching or feeling like a bit like an ant. It spreads throughout the body. Instead of rash, the skin becomes red and swollen, and there is a surge in them.

There are many explosions on the mucous membrane for the skin and for a few minutes – with bright red, sometimes white spots, both drooling clearly defined borders with dense blisters. As a continuous layer of several millimeter or skin, the mucous membranes – they can be small (see picture.).

In addition to severe itching, depending on the extensiveness of the water wound, a person may experience:

  • Itching is the main symptom of urticaria
  • White or pink swelling on the skin
  • Mostly it is round in swelling or redness.
  • Sometimes it can be like a line Inflammation can occur anywhere on the skin
  • There may be more swelling on the tongue or lips, called demanding

 Headache, Nausea, Drowsiness, Weakness Perhaps a rise in temperature – urticaria. Blisters and symptoms can disappear completely within a few hours, or the condition is characteristic of a stable or wavy course with many days or months. Typically, after missing the skin leaving any residue. In some cases, the hives may take hemorrhagic blisters – remain even after the disappearance of black spots.

Hives                         Symptoms of hives                             Causes of hives                        Cures of hives



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