HEMORRHOiDS | What are hemorrhoids – Healthysi.com

HEMORRHOiDS | What are hemorrhoids – Healthysi.com

Hemorrhoids                Causes of Hemorrhoids                   symptoms of Hemorrhoids       cures of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids or Piles is a dangerous disease. Hemorrhoids are of 2 types. In common language, it is known as numbness and bad piles. On this it is known as Maheshi.

Blood Hemorrhoids

There is no problem in blood piles, only blood comes. Sapha bleeds in the first way, then after dripping, then like pitching. It contains wart. Which is inwards and then comes out later. After the sticks, it goes in from itself. When it comes out old, it comes in handy when pressed by hand. In the last stage, even when pressed by hand, it does not go in.

piles of hemorrhoids

Stomach is stomach worsened when it is hemorrhoids. there is awareness of constipation, burning in the anus. It involves irritation, pain, itching, body uneasiness, unhealthiness in work and so on. There can also be blood in the stomach link. The wart is in it. Due to the presence of the wart, the way of cooking becomes small and the choice gets torn and there is a wound, and the doctor is also called Fisher in his youth.There is helpless irritation and pain. If the hemorrhoids are too old, it becomes incapable. Which is called fistula in Angji. Fistula is of type.  there is a hole in the side of the way to the toilet, which goes into the tube to the toilet. And blows, blows and dries in the form of boils. After a few days, this way also comes to the toilet. When hemorrhoids, the last stage of Bhagander, it takes the form of cancer. Which is called Risk Cancer. That proves to be fatal.

Hemorrhoids                Causes of Hemorrhoids                   symptoms of Hemorrhoids       cures of Hemorrhoids



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