Fungal infections: Types and treatment –

Fungal infections: Types and treatment –

Fungal Infection                      Causes                      Types of fungal             Precautions and Natural Treatments

Fungal Infection is caused by a variety of fungi, in which dermatophytes and yeasts are prominent. Fungi grows in dead keratin and gradually spreads in the humid places of the body, such as leg heel, nails, genitals and breasts. Keratin is a type of protein that produces skin, nails and on other body parts.

The skin protects our body from any type of viral and bacterial infection. In the skin fungal infection, the white spots are accumulated on the skin, it is itchy. Sometimes they are also bacterial infections when they are not given attention.Skin Fungal Infection and Dermatosis differ. The skin infection is caused by infection with germs, bacteria, viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungal. Many types of germs are responsible for skin infections. If symptoms are not known immediately, then infection can be serious.

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