Fat loss diet food: Reduce fat with food diet

1) Chilies/Peppers

2) Tomatoes

3) Cabbage

4) Whole Grains

5) Oatmeal’s

6) Nuts

7) Lentils & Kidney Beans

8) Low Fat diary products

9) Eggs

10) Green Tea

11) Cinnamon

12) Apples

13) Citrus Fruits

14) Banana

15 )Berries

Half the world is fighting against obesity this time. We can help you in the campaign to lose weight. Today we are giving you a diet chart for Reduce fat. You can try it fearlessly. Diet charts have been taken care of that you keep getting vitamins and mineral essentials. It is not necessary that it will be fully implemented on every person, but yes you can make some adjustments in it.

One important thing you need to keep in mind is that when you start decreasing the weight, the first attempt is to some extent successful. Initially, all people lose weight by four to four kg, but later fat is not reduced. So every time you have to make your diet chart more harder than before. This diet chart is neither very hard nor very early.
With this you have to adopt all other prescriptions which reduce weight, so that fat loss and faster. We will give you a list of those tips too.

Weight loss chart

  • As soon as you wake up in the morning – drink water, if possible, at least two glasses and more than one liters. If the water will be lukewarm then it is a good thing, or else you just feel better.If you can do it. This is a yoga guru, which is also called vaman Dhouta. It is vomited by drinking about two liters of light hot water. If BP is not there, then add light salt to the water. It is very easy but it will be better at the beginning, you can do this in front of a knowledgeable person, after that you can do it yourself.
  • Breakfast – Make oats but these are not instant oats. Bring the pack of plain oats and put onions, garlic, cinnamon, a little Mangurl alias kalongi (onion seed), and other salt to be added. You can put vegetables in season according to this. If possible, insert the broccoli definitely.
    Cornflakes and double-toned milk.
    If you are non-vegetarian then white part of three or four boiled eggs. If you want, without the sugar lemon, Eat the eggs after scratches first, then eat eggs.

    Occasionally you can take boiled potatoes in curry with yogurt.
  • Brunch – Five to ten almonds, coffee or tea with green tea or ginger, basil, cinnamon, cardamom etc. are just sugar free instead of sugar.
  • Lunch – One or two Roti of one bowl brown rice, salad, lentils, multi grain flour.
  • Evening tea-tea – tea with a wedge soup or roasted gram (as shown above), or coffee or green tea. If you want, you can also take sprouts.
  • Dinner – Vegetables filled with a bowl wedge soup, a bowl salad, or a big bowl of papaya or a bowl, there must be garlic, onions.
    If there are non-vegative, then three egg white or 150 grams of chicken breast, or two leg grinding.
  • Before sleeping at night – grind grains of a big cup of hot water in the hot water (also called Mangalel and Onion Seed) and add a little less than fourth teaspoon. It is like a tea to drink and drink. The water should be very hot. If you do not want to use these seeds, then drink plain water but drinks definitely.

Weight loss tips:

We know that people do not follow 100 percent of this diet chart. But follow as fast as you can.

Follow the ways you know how to reduce weight-

*Make sure to have breakfast within half an hour of the morning. And do not take the carbohydrate at all, or too little after sunset.

*Must have a fine fat in almonds. If on the salad a little extra virgin will add olive oil then it will be very good. Keep in mind that you have to take a high quality fat.

*If you want, use fish oil capsules. If you want to use a Fat Burner capsule with this diet chart, then there is no harm in it. We must take science along with us. If you can also take a multivitamin capsule, then definitely use it.

*In the day you must drink 10 to 12 glasses of water. Do not drink any water immediately after eating food.
Sometimes you can drink buttermilk or whey too.

*Lemon is your biggest friend. Whenever the lemon used to drink the opportunity, there is no limit to it, the tooth will be sour but it will have to endure.

*We also have an indigenous Ayurvedic diet plan to reduce obesity.

* Common Remedies for Weight Loss, which are not of any work, you can know if you do not have to make mistakes

*If you can go to the gym then definitely do not go for at least one hour.

*Helps reduce food fat like apple vinegar, lemon, Mangalore, seasonal, chicken breast, soup, broccoli, almonds and fish.

*Do not lose weight again and again. Psychology works a lot in reducing weight. No need to check weight every day,It is decided that this diet chart will lose weight and when the weight gets reduced, people will knock you off. Well if you have to weigh it, check VAT for the first time after 20 days and after every 10 days.

*Apples are found in the urosolic acid, which is helpful in the production of brown fat and keeps the excess fat away from the body. If you eat 1 or 2 apples a day, it is enough to keep you thin.

*By eating fast chilly, the body’s metabolic activity increases and fat decreases. Capsicides are found in fast chillies, which serves to send signals to the nervous system to produce more brown fat.

*Good laughing is not less than a diet plan. According to a research, consumption of 10 to 40 calories daily increases with laughing 10 to 15 minutes daily. This means that from just about a laugh, your weight decreases from half to two kg in a year. Laughing not only removes your worries, the body remains healthy, but calories burn too.

*It may look amazing, but it is true that even weight is reduced from gold. Gradually people are learning that sleep does not only make your body comfortable but also has a great effect on your weight.



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