epilepsy treatment (Seizure) – healthysi.com

 epilepsy treatment (Seizure) – healthysi.com

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Basil Leaves

Basil reduces in many diseases like Ramaban. In Tulsi, there are a lot of anti-oxidants that fix free radicals in the brain. It is very effective if any of the brain’s 20 leaves of Tulsi are chewed and consumed in any kind of disease.


Pumpkin or Petha is the most effective home remedy for epilepsy patients. Petha’s vegetable is also made and you can also consume its vegetable, but drinking it a lot of juice daily can be of great benefit.

Grapes Juice

Grape juice is very beneficial for epileptic patients. Almost half a kilo of grapes should be taken out in an empty stomach after taking out juice. It gives better results than trying it for six months.

Goat’s Milk and Rosemery

Goat’s milk is beneficial for epileptic patients. By adding 50 grams of rosemary leaves in the goat’s milk, after drinking it twice a day, epileptic seizures stop.

Amla and Carrots

In the summer, in the morning, when mixed with milk and carrot juice mixed with amla marmalade, then the brain gets strength, there is also great benefit in epilepsy.

Soil Bath

After wetting the soil in water, apply the patient’s entire body. Take an hour later. This will reduce epileptic seizures and the patient will feel a bit better. This treatment is quite effective.

Protein food

Epilepsy patients should take high fat and low carbohydrate diets. The patient of epilepsy should eat foods containing protein and vitamins. The patient suffering from diseases of the disease should take three puffs of Triphala with lukewarm water during the morning. And then soybean should be eaten with milk, after which raw green leafy vegetables should be eaten. Goat’s milk is beneficial for

epileptic patients.

Epilepsy intro                  Epilepsy causes                      Epilepsy symptoms                           Epilepsy treatment





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