Epilepsy causes (seizure) – healthysi.com

Epilepsy causes (seizure) – healthysi.com

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This disease can happen to any person. But it is more common in people who are habitual of smoking or tobacco and those who suffer from diabetes, hypertension, diabetes etc. Apart from this, people who do not exercise, more ghee-oil-eaters, in obese people, fried and fat-fed foods, and those who drink more alcohol also have this problem. Hereditary and stress is also a major reason for this disease.  

Geneticism is the reason of seizure If any one of the parents is suffering from this disease then the chances of getting epilepsy in their offspring are greater.

People with excessive alcohol, tobacco or other types of intoxication are also susceptible to this disease. There is a possibility of suffering from this disease even after having a serious mental injury.

Due to brain fever and brain starch.

Epilepsy is also caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Due to the excessive use of certain medicines such as the use of antidepressant the fear of the epilepsy increases.

 Apart from the abdominal worm (stomach worms), digestive discomfort, no mental illness, eye diseases, menstrual problems of women etc.

People with more mental labor are also likely to. Due to excessive sexual intercourse, mental malice, physical weakness.

Even if there is cancer of the brain, it is possible to suffer from this disease.

Due to the consumption of vegetables produced in the dirty drain, there is a possibility of suffering from epilepsy. By consuming sewerage water.


Epilepsy intro                  Epilepsy causes                      Epilepsy symptoms                           Epilepsy treatment





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