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diabetes symptoms type 1 – Healthysi.com

Type 1 diabetes                          Causes                                   Symptoms                               Cures

Patients whose blood sugar is higher than usual, they often get annoyed with urination. They feel thirsty and hungry.

Too much urine

The urine problem increases in diabetes and in this too it is more in the night time. Because the body starts collecting the sugar gathered in the body. Due to which water also exits from the body.

Weakening eyes

At the onset of diabetes, there is considerable impact on the eyes. At the beginning of the disease in the patient of the diabetes, the eyesight starts diminishing and the blur appears. To see any object, it has to emphasize the eyes.

Feeling sick

Diabetes does not cure any type of infection in the body of the patient. If you have viral, chronic cold or any bacterial infection, you will not get relief. Small infections that are easily cured of themselves become major lesions.

Weight loss

It is due to lack of water in the body. For this reason, the water of the body is also reduced. Water and other elements from the body get out through urine.


You will feel tired and hungry. Your body can not digest the calories that the body receives. Your body does not even have enough energy.

Thirst for excess

This is because the body gets more out of urine through urine. It decreases in the body due to water coming out.

Increasing hunger

You feel hungry because your body can not use that energy as much as it can. Instead, most calories are removed by urine.

Do not overload the wound

If your body gets hurt or wounds somewhere and it does not get filled up fast, even if there is a small scratch, it will gradually turn into a big wound and the symptoms of infection begin to appear clearly.


Type 1 diabetes                          Causes                                   Symptoms                               Cures



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