constipation symptoms –

constipation symptoms –

Diseases born from constipation – Stomach caused by constipation stomach accumulates in the stomach due to heat and humidity of the intestines, dirty air is produced. The blood is contaminated by the absorption of blood sugar in the stool and the mixture of blood in the blood. It creates dirt, air and disease in the body and causes various diseases. .The stool in the intestines eliminates the joy and enthusiasm of the body by its rottenness and stench. Many feelings appear in the mind, inclination, laziness, mouth watering and deodorant, feeling feverish, distasteful, headache etc.

  1. The symptom of constipation is that the stool becomes stiff due to which it has to put more force in the excretion.
  2.  Such people do not go for defecation every day, which increase their problems and their stools become thick.
  3. Patients of constipation do not feel hungry, they continue to live and their eyes get dark spots under.
  4. Usually, it is possible to have problems like blisters, blood pressure increase, acne, arthritis and cataract in      their  mouth.
  5. Their mental and physical strength decreases and laziness and irritation increase in them. Due to which the      color of their body starts to fade.
  6. Patients suffering from constipation become gas in the stomach, which climbs to their mind.
  7.  Repeatedly, it should be done more and more stool.
  8.  The tongue of such people becomes white or spicy and the taste of their mouth also gets spoiled. Along with    these, smells also occur in their mouth.
  9. It feels like your entrails are not completely empty.






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