Causes of thyroid problems –

Causes of thyroid problems –

Thyroid                     Causes of thyroid                    Symptoms of thyroid                          Cures of thyroid

Few people know about the causes of thyroid. Let us tell you some hyperactive causes that contribute to thyroid.


When the level of stress increases, its highest effect is on our thyroid gland. This gland increases the secretion of hormones.

 Graves’ disease

This is the biggest cause of thyroid. In this, thyroid gland increases the secretion of Thyroid hormone very much. Graves disease mostly occur to young people, because Graves’ disease is hereditary disorders related to genetic factors, so thyroid disease can affect many people in the same family.


The bad effect of pollution falls on our health, due to which there is respiratory disease. Toxic particles present in the air by pollution also cause harm to the thyroid gland.

More use of iodine

If you consume more iodine only then the problem of thyroid can arise. Indeed, our body uses iodine to make thyroid hormone and when it starts getting more in it then the hormone also becomes more and it becomes problematic.


It is just an increased thyroid gland, in which the ability to make thyroid hormones decreases.And they seem to leak the hormone in bloodstream.This type of thyroiditis affects women after pregnancy. After childbirth, 1-2 out of 10 women get this problem. Typically this problem persists for a month or two and after a few months the problem of hypothyroidism arises. But the good thing is that after some time thyroid becomes normal in most cases.

Thyroid node

In this problem, one or more lumps or nodules grow in Thyroid Gland, which increases the activity of the gland and increases thyroid hormone release in your blood.

Thyroid medication

Thyroid medication More than taking thyroid hormone medication can also lead to hyperthyroidism. If your hypothyroidism is undergoing treatment, do not take extra dose of medicine without asking any doctor, even if you have previously forgotten to medicate.



Thyroid                     Causes of thyroid                    Symptoms of thyroid                          Cures of thyroid





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