Autism: Signs and Symptoms –

Autism: Signs and Symptoms –

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Autism symptoms are usually seen by parents and other carers sometime during the first 3 years of the child. Although autism is present in birth (innate), it can be difficult to identify symptoms of disorder. Occasionally, a child with autism starts talking with the same age as other children, then loses his language skills.

Iterative behavior

The tendency to engage in the limited range of abnormal recurrence behaviors and / or activities is another major symptom of autism. Common iterative behaviors include hand-flapping, cooling, jumping and twirling, arranging and rearranging objects, and repeating sound, words or phrases. Occasionally the repetitive behavior is self-stimulating, such as splitting the fingers in front of the eyes.


Response to Others

Unable to understand people’s speech literally and understand the figures of warp, metaphor or speech When someone is asked to do something unusual on the reaction

Social challenges

Research shows that autism children are connected to their parents, however the way they expressed this attachment may be uncommon personality. For parents, it seems that their child is disconnected. Both children and adults with autism have difficulty in interpreting the thinking and feeling of others. Micro-social remedies such as smile, wave or disturbances can get very little meaning.For a person who remembers this social hint, “Come here!” As a statement can mean that if the speaker is smiling and hugging his hands or hitting his hip to embrace it. Without the ability to explain the gestures and facial expressions, the social world can be inaccessible.

No interest in toys                     

Limited interests in activities or sports With an unusual focus on autism, small children often focus on portions of toys, such as playing with the whole toy, the wheels on the car .







Autism                   Causes of Autism                            Symptoms of Autism                 Treatments &Therapies             



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