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Reverse Grey Hair Naturally

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Hair is white with age, but sometimes the hair starts to be white. This can also happen due to hormonal disturbances, varying lifestyle and pollution environment. At present, children’s hair starts to become white in teenage.To avoid white hair, people use different types of chemicals and colors, which have more side effects on the hair. In such a case, being careful in the early part of the hair can be protected from being white.so here we are telling you tips to reverse grey hair naturally.

(A) Coconut oil

coco oil

  • Make some drops of coconut oil mixed with lemon juice and massage it on the head with this oil. Your hair will also be black and there will also be shine in them.
  • Apart from this, you can make neem leaves hard leaf and cornflower flowers in coconut oil.
  • After cooling this mixture well, massage the head after cooling.
  • Do not stay the whole night. You can also bind the hair with a plastic cover or old clothes.
  • Wash the next morning. Your hair will be shiny and soft.

(B) Pot of black tea

  • Put black tea in a large pot and soak the hair.
  • After cooling and wash after 15 minutes.
  • Repeat this process every day until the darker black colors appear on it.

(C) Gooseberry Powder

  • Measures to darken hair mix two teaspoons of gooseberry (amla) powder in half a liter of water.
  • Squeeze half lemon and wash your hair every day with this water.
  • Hair will become darker and shiny in a few days.

(D) Gheeghee

  • You must have seen the elderly of your house massaged with ghee on the head.
  • Even if you find it strange, but ghee gets the skin of the head.
  • Massaging the head with ghee daily can also be rid of the problem of white hair. Massage the head with pure country ghee after 2 weeks, it will be beneficial.
  • The nutrients present in ghee will strengthen your hair.

(E) Sesame oil

sesame oil

  • Sesame oil is very beneficial for hair.
  • If your hair is getting white, soak some black sesame in water.
  • After damping, grind it into a mixer and make paste.
  • Put black sesame paste on the head skin and hair for 1 hour and after that wash with mild shampoo and clean it.



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